A Kiss...for the holidays

By Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid
Staff Writer

Prelude to a Kiss tells the story of Rita Boyle and Peter Hoskins, two young people who discover they have many things in common and fall in love. They decide to marry, and all goes well until an old stranger kisses Rita at the wedding and she undergoes a complete personality overhaul. Peter tries to be patient but is not a happy man; his knowledge of what happened makes for a rocky honeymoon. He seeks out the old man and, upon finding him, tries to get Rita back in her body.

You see, when the old stranger and Rita kissed, their souls changed places and each became the other. Love eventually triumphs over all, but not before some important lessons are learned about love, life and aging. Peter and Rita value their relationship much more after going through so much difficulty.

T.J. Langley and Colleen Parker bring a fresh sparkle and sincerity to the characters of Peter and Rita, and supporting actors Eloisa Cardona and Andrew Tripoli as Rita's parents are very believable, Jim Abbott's fine comic timing make his many roles memorable. Newcomer Melvin Inouye gives a warm and engagingly awkward performance in a small role as Rita's Uncle Fred. But the most delicious portrayal is by E. Dee Torrey as the old man. As the transposed Rita, his manner has an appropriate softness and vulnerability that nicely complement Langley's desperate frustration.

December 23, 1994


Prelude to a Kiss
Repertory Actors Workshop
Theatre Off Jackson
Through Dec. 31

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