We're 'Fringe-ing' and here's what's worth seeing

By Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid
Staff Writer

Ah, the joys and terrors of being faced with so much entertainment, and knowing that the time is short for seeing all of it. But, not to worry my dearies, here are some that I've seen and I'll passon to you what's worth sitting through.

First of all, it must be said that, even though The Fringe Rag gave Will a less than super review, it is still a show with promise. Set mostly in a courtroom, the play deals with complex issues of Gay bashing, the human soul and the fine line between lust and obsession. A pretty tall order for a playwright who, up until this moment has done really funny pieces on Gay life. Still Jeffrey Kagan-McCann does manage to intrigue with his play Will, and even though there are some rough edges, there's enough yo work with, that one would hope this show gets another airing somewhere down the line.

As for the slice-of-life from the early '80's, The Day They Shot John Lennon, one couldn't find a more perfect play. Centered around characters who gather at the spontaneous memorial set up at the Dakotas apartment building, where singer John Lennon was gunned down, the play moves easily between drama and humor. And as each character speaks of his or her feelings, or interacts with the others, what emerges is more a play about the loss of connectedness society experienced after this and other historical events in the early '80's. Powerful and stunning, if you don't see any other Fringe plays, do see this one.

Finally, even though you probably missed the very funny and at times moving Yiddish Erotica, it bears a note here. If only to give props to the women and man who put on such a watchable and enjoyable show last weekend. Full of good music by a live band, who gave the audience a taste of Yiddish jazz, tango and flamenco numbers, Yiddish Erotica was not only a joyful celebration of all things Jewish, but an education for those of us outsid this intriguing world. Hopefully this show will also be seen again, and be even better when it is.

September 27, 2002


Directed by Jeffrey Kagan-McCann
At the Union Garage
Sept. 19-28
The Day They Shot John Lennon
Directed by Gordon Hendrickson
At Richard Hugo House
Sept. 20-28
Yiddish Erotica
Directed by PJ Sheehy
Freehold Studio (Oddfellows Hall)
Sept. 19-23

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