A Chorus Line - A glittering, emotionally stunning show full of energy and sex appeal

By Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid
Staff Writer

One of the things Repertory Actors Workshop is particularly good at is presenting mainstream or traditional plays with multi-ethnic casts. And nowhere has this task been better served than with A Chorus Line, which deals with who gets chosen to be in a big production number one can assume will run on a fictional Broadway stage - behind-the-scenes look at the faces and personalities who attend a casting call and find themselves revealing more than just their talent to the director.

Each hopeful has a story to tell about what brought them to this moment and the director is all ears. In fact, whether they are chosen at all is dependent on how they weather his inquiry into their personal lives. As each dancer gives the director a look inside, the audience is taken with him into a landscape of family dysfunction, sexual awakening and disappointing dreams of stardom.

But the story of Paul (JoJo Abaoag), who finds his way to dance after sorting out his queer sexuality and Sheila (Susan Hayes), who finds her way to dance as a way to escape her dysfunctional family setting, are particularly poignant.

And then there's the humor in Mark's (Joseph Steven Yang) and Kristine's (Courtney Bear) stories - Mark, who thinks an anatomy book is his answer to all things as an adolescent and Kristine who wanted to be a star, but can't sing a note. In the end, they are all stars, even Cassie (Crystal Dawn Munkers), who is a great dancer, but not cut out for Hollywood.

A flashy, funny and delicately directed production, this Chorus Line is fully of heart and soul, as well as a sense of hope. Definitely one of ReAct's most ambitious productions and one of their best yet.

August 28, 1998


A Chorus Line
Repertory Actors Workshop at Broadway Performance Hall
Directed by David Hsieh
Musical direction by Kevin Miller
Starring Jojo Abaoag, Christopher Anderson, Susan Hayes, Gigi Jhong, Joseph Steven Yang, Kim Anh Yanda, Summer Rain Menkee, Crystal Dawn Munkers, Shane Noel, Gina Turner, Audrey Fan (and many more!)

© 1998 Seattle Gay News. Reprinted with permission by ReAct.

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