SEATTLE FRINGE FESTIVAL LOGO The 1999 Fringe Review Rag #4
All in the Timing
by David Ives
Repertory Actors Theatre

"ReAct's rendition of All in the Timing, directed by David Hsieh, is well worth the eight bucks. The price of the ticket gets you a lesson in the universal language, teaches you what to do when stuck in Philadelphia, and how even a miniature-golf date can be an occasion for winning foreplay. Plus, you'll probably laugh. Especially when one cast member delivers a soliloquy on the sensuous delights of being a typewriter. And when the cast river-dances to center stage for the curtain call. Beautiful performances were made by all, particularly in The Universal Language and Foreplay." -Karl Hess
The Fringe Review Rag was made possible by The Seattle Fringe Theatre Festival.

Reprinted with permision by ReAct.

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