SEATTLE FRINGE FESTIVAL LOGO The 2000 Fringe Review Rag #4
Another Antigone
by A.R. Gurney
Repertory Actors Theatre

"Another Antigone combines the unlikely issues of a nuclear arms race and discrimination. Angela Dimarco plays Judy Miller, an enthusiastic, and sometimes annoying, student who writes a paper about a nuclear arms race. When professor Henry Harper, played by Shawn J. West, does not accept the paper for the assignment, Judy decides it is because she is Jewish. While no actors did anything to detract from theplay, I found it hard to keep interested. The script simply wasn’t entertaining enough. The pacing was slow. I liked, however, how the audience could identity with the issues of the play, issues such as self-doubt and needing jobs to find fulfillment. Perhaps most of all, I enjoyed their description of what tragedy really is: when you have no choice." -Jamie Stafford
The Fringe Review Rag was made possible by The Seattle Fringe Theatre Festival.

Reprinted with permision by ReAct.

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