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7 DEC 2017


 Seattle's Multi-ethnic Philanthropic Theatre - Celebrating Diversity & Great Theater for 25 Years

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Wow, our first twenty five years have just flown by...Help us continue to make our next twenty five even bigger, better and brighter by coming to our events and by donating your support!


ReAct's Production History


Our archives...


Established in 1993, ReAct has produced to date over 71 productions, including 57 mainstage presentations, 106 plays, 6 musicals, 6 World Premieres, 5 Northwest Premieres, over 18 Seattle Premieres, 9 touring festival shows, 15 staged play reading series, 3 theatre festivals and more!

Each new year has been an exciting adventure filled with unique challenges and continued growth. Take a glimpse back through our archives and see what we have accomplished...Just access the years below:

  •   1993 - 1996 "Setting the Stage"
  •   1997 "A Season of Discovery and Growth"
  •   1998 "A Season You Can Count On"
  •   1999 "A Season of Love and Laughter"
  •   2000 "Looking Forward, Looking Back"
  •   2001 "New Beginnings"
  •   2002 "A Season to Remember"
  •   2003 "Our 10th Anniversary Season"
  •   2004 "Spectacle!"
  •   2005 "Love Over Time..."
  •   2006 "Relative Values"
  •   2007 "Great Escapes"
  •   2008 "Our Fantastic 15th"
  •   2009 "Our Sweet 16th"
  •   2010 "Memories"
  •   2011 "Collaborations"
  •   2012 "A Season for Everyone"
  •   2013 "Our 20th Anniversary Season"
  •   2014 "Quality Time"
  •   2015 "Family"
  •   2016 "Brilliance"
  •   2017 "Love is Love"

Our New Season will be unveiled soon!
2018 "Our Silver Anniversary"


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The cast of ReAct's inaugural presentation of The Curious Savage. July 1993.
Photo: David Hsieh.

"That is the mission of true art - to make us pause and look at a thing a second time."
-- Oscar Wilde

ALL: "Not a sigh and not a sorrow,
Tenderness and laughter.
Joy today and bliss tomorrow,
And forever after!"

The cast of ReAct's recent presentation of the Broadway musical masterpiece Into the Woods. May 2004.
Photo: David Hsieh.

"You use a mirror to see your face - you use the arts to see your soul."
-- George Bernard Shaw

JAMIE: "There are so many dreams I need to see
With you"
CATHY: "There are so many years I need to be
With you..."

The wedding scene during a performance of ReAct's presentation of The Last Five Years. September 2005.
Photo: David Hsieh.

"You must be the change you wish to see."
-- Mahatma Ghandi