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2 JAN 2018


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JOHN: "I am a S.A.M., Single Asian Male. SAM I am."

Eddie Mui playing John Hamabata in ReAct's S.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.

The Cast

(in order of appearance)

John Hamabata
Joseph S. Yang 11/11 - 13
Eddie Mui 11/14 - 21
Lohman Chin
Tony Lee
ShawnJ West
Betty Hamabata
Kathy Hsieh
Kim Anh Yanda-Cannon
Jackie Shibata
Colleen Parker
Brad Reynolds
Gordon Hendrickson
Roy Stanton
Leonard Gjaffry
T.J. Langley


The cast photo of ReAct's Northwest Premiere of S.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.

Directed by
David Hsieh

JACKIE: "I love the smell of Armani cologne on an Armani jacket."

Colleen Parker as Jackie and Eddie Mui as John in a scene from ReAct's S.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.

The Crew

Stage Manager
Andrew Chin
Scenic Designer & Properties
David Hsieh
Lighting Designer
Gina Scherr
Venue Technician & Light Board Operator
Mark Smith
Sound Operator
George Paul Glanzman
Backstage Sound Operators
Gordon Hendrickson
Roy Stanton
Set Crew
George Paul Glanzman
Gordon Hendrickson
Melvin Inouye
T.J. Langley
Gina Scherr
Roy Stanton
Joseph S. Yang

Box Office Manager
Lorna Hee-Chin
Poster Design
Colleen Parker

JACKIE: "Nick is different, I can talk to Nick."

Colleen Parker as Jackie and T.J. Langley as Leonard in ReAct's S.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.


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LARRY: "Like my hero Nick Strathbourne says, "Sometimes you just gotta eat your love."

Roy Stanton as Larry in ReAct's S.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.

by Colleen Parker

S.A.M. I Am

By Garrett H. Omata

Northwest Premiere

November 11 - 21, 1999
Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center

BETTY: "Sounds like a weirdo."
Colleen Parker as Jackie and
Kathy Hsieh as Betty in the
telephone dating scene from
ReAct's S.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.


JOHN: "Norman...I'm sorry, I'm late again."
NORMAN: "John, my friend, there is no longer a reason to apologize."
ShawnJ West as Norman and
Eddie Mui as John in a scene
from Act II of ReAct's
S.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.

The Program

The Setting

The Present. Various locations in Los Angeles, including
an Italian Restaurant, Betty & Jackie's Apartment, John & Lohman's Apartment, and a TV Station.

ACT 1: Sir, You're No Sam Shepard

ACT 2: The Blue Skies Generation

S.A.M. I Am

was first produced at East West Players, in Los Angeles, California on January 19, 1995.
The play was developed in a workshop with the David Henry Hwang Writer's Institute.

Production Notes

Program Notes
Eddie Mui remembering the playwright...

Garrett H. Omata was a man of very few least in person. When it came down to putting it on paper...well, that was different. He will always be remembered to me as a true "gentle" young man with a kind soul and warm friendly smile. I remember him laughing a lot and enjoying the silly times that we shared during the first few drafts of S.A.M.I Am in 1992 all the way to the world premiere in 1995. He wouldn't say much, but he would always laugh. His laughter would fill the room with ease and comfort that made you fell like you belonged there with him, just hangin' out. I recall him him tellin' me that he couldn't see anyone else playing Lohman Chin. I told him, "I don't think anyone else is dumb enough too." We laughed. I could always make him laugh. I remember him telling me that's because he understood my humor. I told him that's because he understood me. He replied, "No I don't...everything you say is stupid." We laughed again.

JOHN: "It's all in the lips."
Tony Lee as Lohman, Eddie Mui
as John and ShawnJ West as
Norman in the opening scene from
ReAct's S.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.

This play is a true reflection of who Garrett was: all the things that were going on inside his head during his last few years; a young man searching for something that would make him feel complete and connected. I know he loved to write. To dream. To touch people through his words, and stories that would make you laugh or maybe even cry. The bottom line is that he wanted to affect you. But probably more so, he wanted to be touched by others. I really don't know what he was going through during the last days of his life, but I do know that being at his funeral...he was loved by hundreds.

I dedicate this production to you, my friend. May you rest in peace and I am thankful for all your support and for allowing me to have made you laugh. I miss you.

--Eddie Mui, November 1, 1999

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ReAct's presentation of S.A.M. I Am was produced by special permission by Harvey and Carole Omata.

LOHMAN: "What're those?"
BETTY: "What? These? These are dishwashing gloves."
LOHMAN: " My mom used to wear those!"
Tony Lee as Lohman and
Kathy Hsieh as Betty in
a scene from ReAct's
S.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.


GERLADINE: "See, I'm a cash-only person. I don't like being in debt...especially karmic debt, you know?"
Kim Anh Yanda-Cannon as Geraldine
with Eddie Mui as John in
ReAct's S.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.

Special Thanks To...

The Cast & Crew for production support
Andrew Chin for donated props
Robin Dawn for loaned props
The Elliott Bay Book Company for promotional support
George Paul Glanzman for loaned set pieces, props and production support
Kathy Hsieh for loaned props
T.J. Langley for donated props
Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center for loaned set pieces and props
Michael Miller for prop support
Colleen Parker for donated graphic design services and loaned and donated props
Pleasant Garden Restaurant for loaned props
Gina Scherr for loaned lighting equipment
Seattle Shakespeare Festival for loaned set pieces
Larry Tazuma for donated props
ShawnJ West for donated props
The Northwest Asian American Theatre for loaned set pieces
Rick Wong and Rk Productions for videography
Hai Yanda for loaned props

LOHMAN: "Asian chicks may seem o.k. now..."
Eddie Mui as John and Tony
Lee as Lohman in a scene from
ReAct's S.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.


BRAD: "Controversy continues to cast dark clouds across the "Blue Skies" generation, and it's creator, Nick Strathbourne."
Gordon Hendrickson as Brad
in ReAct's S.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.

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Photo Gallery

LOHMAN: "All these people tried to grab at us and stop us, but Betty was a crazy woman, hitting them in the face and kicking them in the crotch!"
Colleen Parker, Eddie Mui,
Tony Lee and Kathy Hsieh in
one of the final scenes
of ReAct's S.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.

Eddie Mui and Colleen
Parker in a publicity photo
for ReAct's S.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.

Colleen Parker and Eddie
Mui pose for a press photo
for ReAct'sS.A.M. I Am.
Photo: David Hsieh.

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