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22 DEC 2017


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ROY: Starlight, Starbright, first star I see tonight..."

David Hsieh as Roy in the opening scene of ReAct's Lone Star.
Photo: Richard D. Eidal.

The Cast

(in order of appearance)

Roy Calder
David Hsieh
Ray Calder
Joseph S. Yang
Cletis Fullernoy
Hing Lam

Directed by
David Hsieh

The Crew

Stage Manager, Scenic Designer, Properties & Publicist
David Hsieh
Assistant Director
Colleen Parker
Lighting Designer
Rick Wong
Costume Designer
Lee Ann Hittenberger
Light Board Operator
Paul Byrne
Sound Operator
Duane Mortensen
Sound Engineers
Richard D. Eidal
Rick Wong

Lighting Crew
Ron Choi
Melvin Inouye

Fight Choreographer
Lisa Marie Nakamura
Head House Manager
Jackie Englehart
Box Office Managers
David Hsieh
Colleen Parker
Stephanie Santos
Joseph S. Yang

Hing Lam
Joseph S. Yang

ROY: "Shit. Everyone I knew is either married, moved to Oklahoma, or shot their foot off, and I can't decide which is worse."

David Hsieh and Joseph Yang in a scene from ReAct's Lone Star.
Photo: Richard D. Eidal.


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ROY: "We're gonna watch the Longhorns beat the shit out of Oklahoma and yell hook 'em horns, just like all the other assholes."
David Hsieh as Roy and Joseph
Yang as Ray in a scene from
ReAct's Lone Star.
Photo: Richard D. Eidal.

Lone Star

By James McLure

September 8 - 25, 1994
Theatre Off Jackson

RAY: "Have you ever noticed how a Baby Ruth looks a lot like a turd?"
Joseph Yang as Ray and
David Hsieh as Roy in a
scene from ReAct's Lone Star.
Photo: Richard Eidal.

The Program

The Setting

The rear of Angel's Bar, a roadhouse saloon in Maynard, Texas, late one summer night in August, 1971.

Lone Star

was first presented at the Century Theatre in New York City, on June 7, 1979.

Production Notes

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ReAct's presentation of Lone Star was produced by special arrangement with DRAMATISTS PLAY SERVICE, INC.

CLETIS: "If I just had that car, life may have turned out different for me."
Joseph Yang as Ray and Hing
Lam as Cletis in a scene from
ReAct's Lone Star.
Photo: David Hsieh.


CLETIS: "Sure are a lot of stars out tonight. Sure are."
The cast of ReAct's Lone Star
with David Hsieh as Roy,
Hing Lam as Cletis
and Joseph Yang as Ray.
Photo: Richard D. Eidal.

Special Thanks To...

Manuel R. Cawaling for production support
Gertrude Chiang & Chu-Shen Tao for loaned props
Dr. Richard D. Eidal for loaned props
The Elliott Bay Book Company for promotional support
Audrey Fan for rehearsal space
Kathy Hsieh for production and administrative support
Kinko's Copies for copying support
Duane Mortensen for production support
Lisa Marie Nakamura for production support
The Northwest Asian American Theatre for loaned set pieces
Colleen Parker for donated props
The Play's the Thing Drama Bookstore for promotional support
The Seattle Police Department East Precinct for rehearsal space
The Univeristy of Washington School of Drama for rehearsal space
Patti West for technical support
Rick Wong & Rk Productions for videography
Joseph & Mimi Yang for production support

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