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14 JAN 2018


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The cast of ReAct's mainstage production of The Exonerated.
Photo: David Hsieh.

The Cast

(in order of appearance)

Curt Bolar
Delbert Tibbs
Gordon Hendrickson
Gary Gauger
Margaretta Lantz
Sue Gauger, Sandra Cook, Robert's Court Attorney
Geoffery Simmons
Robert Earl Hayes, Ben Franklin Williams
Robin Dawn Kelly
Georgia Hayes, Kerry's Judge, Paula Rudolph, Walter's State Attorney
Evan Tucker
White Cop 1, Kerry's Defense, Deputy, Jesse Joseph Tafero, David's Prosecutor, Officer Santiago, Jeff Woolverton, Ex-Boyfriend, Natural Farm produce customer
Dan Niven
White Cop 2, Kerry's Prosecutor, Deputy Sheriff H.M. Carroll, Walter Norman Rhodes, David's Defense, Doyle Wayne Cook, Robert's Judge, Southern White Guy
Patrick Allcorn
Kerry Max Cook
Jeffrey Wade Gilbert
David Keaton, Florida Highway Patrolman, African American "brother," Robert's Inmate
Deniece Bleha
Sonia "Sunny" Jacobs

DELBERT: "To make things better, we ain't interested in what's right with it; we're interested in what's wrong with it."

Curt Bolar as Delbert Tibbs in ReAct's mainstage production of The Exonerated.
Photo: David Hsieh.

Directed by
David Hsieh

The Crew

Stage Manager/Light Board Operator/Set Construction
Tim Crist
Production Designer/Rear Projectionist/Set Construction
David Hsieh
Sound Designer
Andrew Chin
Allan Loucks
Sound Operator
Melissa Dow
and the ECT Staff
Dialect Coach
Timothy Hyland
Box Office Manager
David Hsieh
Box Office
Lorna Chin
Marilyn Gonzalez
Cyndie Mastel
Edward Tonai

Poster Design
Vladimir Verano


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by Vladimir Verano

The Exonerated

By Jessica Blank & Erik Jensen

Mainstage Production

August 30 - September 23, 2007
Ethnic Cultural Theatre

DELBERT: "It is not easy to be a poet here.
Yet I sing.
We sing."
The cast in the final moment of ReAct's The Exonerated.
Photo: David Hsieh.

The Program

The Setting

Various lacations and times in America's recent past.

GARY: "Gary Gauger. This is my wife, Sue."
Margaretta Lantz and Gordon
Hendrickson as Sue and Gary
Gauger in ReAct's mainstage
run of The Exonerated.
Photo: David Hsieh.


ROBERT: "Now within all y'all's be honest...within your HEART, do you really think O.J. committed that crime?"
Robin Dawn Kelly and Geoffery
Simmons as Georgia and Robert
Hayes in ReAct's full production
of The Exonerated.
Photo: David Hsieh.

The Exonerated

was originally presented in Los Angeles by the Actors' Gang, in association with The Culture Project, on April 19, 2002. It premiered in New York City at 45 Bleecker Theatre on October 10, 2002.

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Production Notes

A message from Delbert...

ReAct's presentation of The Exonerated was produced by special arrangement with DRAMATISTS PLAY SERVICE, INC.

DAVID: "In the name of Jesus, I command this rain to stop."
Jeffrey Wade Gilbert as David
Keaton in ReAct's mainstage
production of The Exonerated.
Photo: David Hsieh.


KERRY: "So while you've got it, man, never take it for granted, 'cause you never know."
Patrick Allcorn as Kerry Max
Cook in ReAct's full staging
of The Exonerated.
Photo: David Hsieh.

Special Thanks To...

The ACLU of Washington for promotional support
The Cast & Crew for production support
The Cast of our Reading Presentations for development support
Melissa Dow for production support
The Elliott Bay Book Company for promotional support
Ethnic Cultural Theatre for loaned set pieces
Sarah Nash Gates for production support
Vera & Joey Ing for donated rehearsal space
Richard Hugo House for loaned set pieces

KERRY: "...and I married her. Think I'm gonna keep her."
Margaretta Lantz and Patrick
Allcorn as Sandra and Kerry
Max Cook in ReAct's mainstage
production of The Exonerated.
Photo: David Hsieh.


SUNNY: "I want to be a living memorial."
Deniece Bleha as Sunny Jacobs
in ReAct's full production
of The Exonerated.
Photo: David Hsieh.

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