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21 JAN 2018


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NARRATOR: "Afraid that Seventh Brother might begin to cry, too, Sixth Brother quickly replied with a shiver..."

Allen Go, David Hsieh and Justin Kim in a scene from ReAct's staged story reading of The Seven Chinese Brothers.
Photo: George Paul Glanzman.

The Cast

(in order of appearance)

Kathy Hsieh
James Dai
First Brother
Allen Go
Second Brother
Michael Lee
Third Brother
Joseph S. Yang*
Fourth Brother
Henry Drew
Fifth Brother
Shiaokai Wang
Sixth Brother
Justin Kim
Seventh Brother
David Hsieh
Agastya Kohli
Nancy Calos Nakano

* Member Actors Equity Association

Directed by
David Hsieh


The Seven Chinese Brothers

By Margaret Mahy
Adapted by David Hsieh

Staged Story Reading
Encore Engagement

December 23, 2005
The Seattle Center Centerhouse

NARRATOR: "Seventh Brotherís first tear swept one army north. His second tear swept the other army south."
The entire cast of ReAct's staged story reading of The
Seven Chinese Brothers
during the river of tears scene.
Photo: George Paul Glanzman.

The Program

The Setting

The Fobidden City, the Great Wall, and the home of the Seven Chinese Brothers on a beautiful hillside in China during the Han Dynasty.

The Seven Chinese Brothers

originally premiered at the Seattle Center Centerhouse on December 23, 2004.

Production Notes

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ReAct's staged story reading of David Hsieh's adaptation of Margaret Mahy's The Seven Chinese Brothers was commissioned by Seattle Center Productions and presented by special arrangement with DAVID HSIEH.

Special Thanks To...

The Cast and Crew
Centerhouse Productions and Staff for production support
The Elliott Bay Book Company for rehearsal support
George Paul Glanzman for production support
Allen Go for donated props
Justin Kim for loaned props
Mitsu Sundvall for organizational support

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