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19 JAN 2018


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MAN: "On this desolate other shore, she gave us language, but we didn't know how to cherish it; she gave us wisdom, but we didn't know how to use it!"

Andrew Chin, Masumi Hayashi-Smith and Stan Asis performing in ReAct's play reading of The Other Shore.
Photo: George Paul Glanzman.

The Cast

(in order of appearance)

Kathy Hsieh
Andrew Chin
Actor playing with ropes, Man and Young man
Eloisa Cardona
Woman, Mother, Mad woman, Actor and Crowdmember
Masumi Hayashi-Smith
Young girl, Obedient girl, Actor and Crowdmember
Katie Tupper
Old lady, Shadow, Actor and Crowdmember
Stan Asis
Card player, Father, Actor and Crowdmember
David Hsieh
Plaster seller, Zen master, Stable keeper, Actor and Crowdmember

OLD LADY: "I'm telling you, there's no adult who doesn't lie, and you know, without lying there'd be no more happy days."

Eloisa Cardona and Katie Tupper reading in ReAct's presentation of The Other Shore.
Photo: George Paul Glanzman.

Directed by
David Hsieh

The Crew

House Staff
Cyndie Mastel-Rokicki
George Paul Glanzman


The Other Shore

By Gao Xingjian

Play Reading

September 23, 2001
The Elliott Bay Book Company

The Program

The Setting

From the real world to the nonexistent other shore. The time cannot be defined or stated precisely.

The Other Shore

was written in 1986 and was originally scheduled to be performed by the Beijing People's Art Theatre but the production was suspended because the play was considered politically sensitive.
It was subsequently performed in Taiwan by the National College of Art in 1990 and by the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts in 1995.

Production Notes

ReAct's play reading of The Other Shore was produced with special permission from Gilbert C.F. Fong and the CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG.

Special Thanks To...

The Cast & Crew for production support
The Elliott Bay Book Company for venue hosting and set pieces
George Paul Glanzman for production support
Karen Maeda-Allman for organizational support
Rain City Projects for publicity support
Rick Simonson for organizational support

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