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17 JAN 2008


  Seattle's Multi-ethnic Philanthropic Theatre Company - Celebrating fifteen years of simply great theater

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Special Thanks to Seattle's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, 4 Culture and Agastya Kohli for their generous support this season, as well as everyone who helped us achieve our 2007 Challenge Grant in September. Your tax-deductible donations are the lifeblood of our theatre. Thank you for your support!


ReAct's 2007 Family of Donors


$8000 | $1500 | $1000| $500 | $250 | $100 | $50 | $25 | Non Monetary | Public Grantors


Up to $8000
David Hsieh


Up to $1500
Agastya Kohli


Up to $1000


Up to $750
Herb Tsuchiya
     in memory of Bertha Tsuchiya


Up to $500
Bank of America
The Elliott Bay Book Company
Gordon Hendrickson
Leann Onishi
Jason Stearns
Roger Tang
Edward Tonai


Up to $250
Andrew Chin
Lorna Chin
Greg Della
Sue & Jim Hogan
Helen Kay
T.J. Langley
Dan Niven
Maydene Pang


Up to $100
Nancy Calos Nakano
Eloisa Cardona
Theresa & Samson Chang
Allen Go
Steve Harrell
Brooke Hills
Kathy Hsieh
Brenda Humphrey
Gigi Jhong
Suzanne Kato
Robin Dawn Kelly
Michael A. McClure
Penny & David Miller
Jim & Chikako Misener
Coe Tug Morgan
Shirley Oliver
Peggy Scales
Arlene Spaulding


Up to $50
Stan Asis
Curt Bolar
Brian Bournival
Ernest Chen
Cingular Wireless
Lawrence Dessler
Henry Drew
Jenn Fjosne
George Paul Glanzman
Jane Gonzalez
Jeremy Hardy
David S. Hogan
Kelly Hyde
Tom Perdue
A.C. Petersen
Shawnmarie & Roy Stanton
Leslie Jean Warner


Up to $25

Anonymous (1)
Allcorn Family
Karen Maeda Allman
     & Elizabeth Wales
Sheldon Arakaki
Catherine Aulbach
Jackie Baldwin
Leilani Berinobis
Deniece Bleha
Eli Brit
Janet Brown
Sharon Burke
Julie Cabell
Betty Campbell
Eloisa Cardona
Barron Cato
Gim Chau
Dustin Chinn
Ann Conroy
Emilia Cooper
Ulric Dihle
Angela DiMarco
Diane Felty
John Floresca
Kwon Gabby
Lauren Gardner
Maria Glanz
Marilyn Gonzalez
Linda J. Gould
Susan Hayes-McQueen   
Cari Hodge
Grady Jechins
Catherine Kettrick
Shannon Kipp
Frances Kao
Julie Kimbel
Matt Kujawa

Darlene Langley
Margaretta Lantz
Mark Lanum
Mona Leach
Janet Lee
Maggie Lee
Justin Lockwood
Jen MacCormack
Valerie Mamches
Henry Mark
Cyndie Mastel-Rokicki
Todd Matthews
Jeremy Merone
Michael Morris
Ajit Nair
Lisa Marie Nakamura
Megan Olson
Donn Pedro
Miko Premo
Jesse Putnam
Charlie Rathbun
Kelly Riutta
Charles Rundles
Katherine Sanders
Matt Shannon
Joseph Sherman
Meta Thayer
Sheila Thayer
Benita Thomas
Rod Tolliver
Matt Voss
Ralph Wallin
Marie Weiler
Jeff Welling
Dee Williams
Daniel Wilson

Non Monetary Donations
Garage Billiards & Bowl - Facility use/Fundraiser support
Gordon Hendrickson - Sound Effects CD Collection
Kathy Hsieh - Donated Utilities
Vera & Joey Ing - Rehearsal & Storage Space
Michael's Cucina - Catering
Pork Filled Players - Raffle Prizes
Seattle Art Museum - Raffle Prizes
SIS Productions - Raffle Prizes
Speakeasy Network - Webhosting
Vladimir Verano - Graphic Design Services
Woodland Park Zoo - Raffle Prizes

ReAct's 2007 Season was co-sponsored in part by the Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, City of Seattle ReAct's 2007 Season was supported in part by 4 Culture


Thank you!

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OLGA: "The Czar always said to me...'Olga, do not be stingy with the blintzes!'"
Eric Grimes as Tony, Timothy Kelly as Mr. Kirby, Stan Asis as Grandpa and Walayn Sharples as the Duchess in ReAct's You Can't Take It With You. May 2007.
Photo: David Hsieh.

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