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1 JAN 2008


  Seattle's Multi-ethnic Philanthropic Theatre Company - Celebrating fifteen years of simply great theater

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Special Thanks to Herb Tsuchiya as well as all those who helped us achieve our 2004 Challenge Grant in November. Your tax-deductible donations are the lifeblood of our theatre. Thank you for your support!


ReAct's 2004 Family of Donors


$8000 | $2500 | $750| $500 | $250 | $100 | $50
$25 | Non Monetary


Up to $8000
David Hsieh


Up to $2500
Herb Tsuchiya
     in memory of Bertha Tsuchiya


Up to $750
Elliott Bay Book Company


Up to $500
Eric Ankrim
Richard D. Eidal
Allen Go
Sue & Jim Hogan
T.J. Langley
Janet E. Lee
Park Hill Rotary
Christopher Sanders
Edward Tonai
WRQ, Inc.


Up to $250
Christopher J. Anderson
Janet Brown
Mark Febonio
Augusto Gavino
Masumi Hayashi-Smith
Kathy Hsieh
     in memory of Bob Lee
David Ige
Helen Kay
Beth Moursund
Sean P. O'Bannon
Dylan Okimoto
Shirley Oliver
Maydene Pang
Ben Radin
Charles D. Rundles
Jason Stearns
Aya Takechi
Roger Tang
Constance Tupper
Katie Tupper
Shawn J. West


Up to $100
Peter Aaron
Amy & Rennie Araucto
Courtney Bear
Mason Jay Blacher & Associates
Ernest Chen
Andrew Chin
Lorna Chin
Angela DiMarco & David S. Hogan
Audrey Fan
Brian Flora & Anneleen Severynen
Jeffrey Wade Gilbert
Rebecca Goldberg
Marilyn Gonzalez
Cynthia & David Ige
Melvin Inouye
Dana & Michael Korch
Carey & Cathy Lee
Karen Maeda-Allman
Cyndie Mastel-Rokicki
Michael & Amy McClure
Crystal Dawn Munkers
Jean & Joseph Okimoto
Steven & Nikki Ono
Tom Perdue
Mark Pribbenow
Stephanie Santos
Glen Shen
Yvonne Tso
Dave Tucker
Bill Walters
Miriam Wilson
Dom Zook


Up to $50
Joel Ancowitz
Walter Baker & Beth Cooper
Greg Berry
Joseph E. Boling
David Booth
Nicole Brooks
Amanda Brown
Megan Chenovick
Dustin Chinn
Angelie Chong
Carol DiMarco & Connie Wurm
Betsy Go
Tiamarie Hawk
Connie Hayashi-Smith
Sebastian Helm
Stephanie M. Hilbert
Lee Ann Hittenberger
Kelly Hyde
Lori Inoue
Garreth Jeffers
Ken Keatts
Agastya Kohli
Teri Lazzara
Mona Leach
Jeanette LeGault
Tiffany Maes
Vi Mar
Kerri Mathews-Christie
Michael Miller
Nicole Miller
Joy Munkers
Colleen Parker
Tom Tran
William Weis
Kim Anh Yanda-Cannon
Joseph S. Yang
Jessica M. Yellin


Up to $25

Terrell Aldredge
Sheldon Arakaki
Jessica Baxter
Tim Burns
Chester Callander
Eloisa Cardona
Stephen Cavit
Lauren Collins
Jim Dean
Ellen Dessler
Ilene & Lawrence Dessler    
Ivan Dinh
Erica Dorfman
Ellen Downey
Matt Durasoff
Pamela Duren
Ronald Ecker
Drug Electric
K.C. Fagan
Bob Fagerlie
Tom Fraser
John Geofroy &
     Glenys Rignall
Maria Glanz
Lily Gebrenegus
John & Rosemary Herrick
Lee Ann Hittenberger &
     Craig Schieber
Heidi Huston-Wytovicz
Emily Johns
Angelica Johnson
Lars Johnson
Maryanne Johnston
Paula Karlberg
Barbara Kindness
Laura Kiriae
Frank Kohel
Terry & Darlene Langley
Kimber Lee
Matt Lovell
Sarah Mann
Kristen & Dan Manning
Sylvia McDonald
Susan McIntyre
Adrienne Mildon

Claudia Molberg-Butler
Michael Mossberg
Eric Newman
Serin Ngai
Adam Norwest
Heather Louise Parker &
     Jillian Boyd
Barbara Prescott
Renee Quenneville
Mark Rabe
Samuel Read
Annie Reamer
Diane Robertson
Amanda Roundtree
Betsy & R.E. Russell
Karen M. Sanders, PhD
Judy Sanford-Tietze
Kathy Sawrey
Margaret Schuler
Anita Schulman
Peter Schultz
Laura Sisson
Steve & Carrie Skiles
Dance Smith
Arlene Spaulding
Nori Suguro
     in memory of Jim Nakamura
Meg Tapucol-Provo
Jim Taylor
Robert Thomas
Shandra Tietze
Leon Troutman
Bradley Tupper
Todd Uyeda
Matt Voss
Jeff Wagner
Beth Ann Warner
Denny Warner
Sara Ware
Gary Watson
Jennifer White
Shawnmarie Yates-Stanton
Bob Yount

Non Monetary Donations
ArtsWest - Raffle Prizes
Ben Bridge Jewelers - Raffle Prizes
Breeders Theater - Raffle Prizes
Ellen Dessler - Computer Equipment
Ghost Light Theatricals - Raffle Prizes
Italian Spaghetti House - Gift Certificate/Fundraiser support
David Kobayashi - Postage Stamps, Paper Cutter, Tables, Teacart & Disposable Serving Utensils
Lynnwood Convention Center - Computer Equipment, Folding Chairs
Seattle Art Museum - Raffle Prizes
Seattle Children's Theatre Drama School - Raffle Prizes
Speakeasy Network - Webhosting
Starbucks Coffee - Raffle Prizes
Theater Schmeater - Raffle Prizes
Theatre Babylon - Raffle Prizes
Leslie Jean Warner - Halloween Fundraiser Supplies
Stewart A. Williams Design - Graphic Design Services
Wing Luke Asian Museum - Raffle Prizes
Wing-It Productions - Raffle Prizes
Woodland Park Zoo - Raffle Prizes


Thank you!

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ReAct Sustaining Fund

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CINDERELLA: "I wish..."
Emjoy Gavino as Cinderella in a scene from ReAct's Into the Woods. May 2004.
Photo: David Hsieh.

How you can help:

Please join our family of donors by making a tax-deductible contribution to ReAct. Simply send your donation check to:

ReAct Theatre
Attn: Donations
1122 E Pike Street #1111
Seattle WA 98122

Or use PayPal to make an online contribution:

Thank you!


Thanks again to the MANY individuals and matching gift companies which made our November Debt-Reduction Challenge Grant a huge success!
Your support is deeply appreciated!