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1 JAN 2008


  Seattle's Multi-ethnic Philanthropic Theatre Company - Celebrating fifteen years of simply great theater

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Special Thanks to the Cultural Development Authority of King County and also to Starbucks Coffee for their generous support this season! Your tax-deductible donations are the lifeblood of our theatre. Thank you for your support!


ReAct's 2003 Family of Donors


$8000 | $1500 | $750| $500 | $250 | $100 | $50
$25 | Non Monetary | Public Grantors


Up to $8000
David Hsieh


Up to $1500


Up to $750
Lori Filipcic


Up to $500
Ben Bridge Jewelers
Richard D. Eidal
Allen Go
Helen Kay
Crystal Dawn Munkers
Christopher Sanders
Bertha & Herb Tsuchiya


Up to $250
Eric Ankrim
Lorna Chin
Elliott Bay Book Company
Jeffrey Wade Gilbert
Connie Hayashi-Smith
Shirley Oliver
Maydene Pang
Aya Takechi
Edward Tonai


Up to $100
Jutta Bolz
Sandy Brown
Sharon Burke
Andrew Chin
Raymond Chinn
George Paul Glanzman
Cindy Hoots
Melvin Inouye
T.J. Langley
Glen Shen
Roger Tang
Constance Tupper
Dee Williams
Joseph S. Yang


Up to $50
Gordon Adams
Bob Bingham
Jonathan Bridge
Robert Bridge
Ernest Chen
Angelie Chong
Chinn Construction
Sacha Davis
Mark Febonio
Augusto Gavino
Jeannette LeGault
Jonathan Te Ho Park
Cyndie Mastel-Rokicki
Jim & Chikako Misener
Dickey Nesenger
Rick Simonson
Larry Tazuma
Beth Ann Warner
Suzanne Wilson
WRQ, Inc.


Up to $25

Vicki Adams
Casey & Bridget Anderson
Arnold Argosino
Tiffinie Autio
Maggie Bardacke
Greg Berry
Akemi Boyd
Herbert Bridge
Janet Brown
Camille Bruemmer
Landiem Bui
Heidi Card
Elaine Clark
Complete Automotive Bokerage    
Max Craddock
Steve Dejean
Christina Dodds
Janet Eng
Janine Garcia
Erik Gresseth
Jeffrey Grieff
Art Griffiths
Margaret Hahn
Ruth Haney
Ann Hajnosz
Doris & Anthony Hanson
Anisha Hathiramani
Dave Jochim
Angelica Johnson
Melinda Johnson
James Kurdy
Rob Larson
Mona Leach
Josie Leahy
Celeste Lewis

Karen Maeda-Allman
Angelo Mazzin
Susan McIntyre
Pamela McNutt
Alice McRae
Holly Myers
Michael Mossberg
Monica Nash
Lloyd Natterstad
Tamra Nisly
Nikki Ozaki
Jeff Perkins
Marylou Pidol
Cheryl Ramsey
Annie Reamer
Danielle Reierson
Joanne Rossi
Jeannette Ruud
Jeff Sanders
Ben & Kate Sanders
The Shine Family
Dorothy Snarr
MaryAnne Snyder
Tina Stryker
Steve Swenson
Debi Taylor
Mike Tooley
Howard Valbush
Matt Voss
Jennifer Wallner
Denny Warner
Chuck Williams
Keith Williams
Steve Winter
Katherine Woolverton

Non Monetary Donations
Alexis Hotel - Guest Accomodations
Kari Aspass - Massage Gift Certificate
Brian Flora & Anneleen Severynen - Microwave Oven
T.J. and Sidney Langley - CD Player and Bulletin Boards
Susan Moseley - Blank Videotapes
Sea Garden Restaurant - Event Catering
Speakeasy Network - Webhosting
Edward Tonai - Prop Food
Marilee Veniegas & mv|designs - Web & Graphic Design Services
Leslie Jean Warner - Halloween Fundraiser Supplies
Stewart A. Williams Design - Graphic Design Services

ReAct's 2003 Season is supported in part by the Cultural Development Authority King County Hotel/Motel Tax Fund


Thank you!


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ReAct Sustaining Fund

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AN-MEI: "I have always believed in your blessings. We knew they would come."
Meg Tapucol-Provo as An-Mei and Colleen Parker as Rose in a scene from ReAct's The Joy Luck Club. January 2003.
Photo: Rick Wong.

How you can help:

Please add you name to our family of donors by making a tax-deductible contribution to ReAct, by simply sending your donation check to:

ReAct Theatre
Attn: Donations
1122 E Pike Street #1111
Seattle WA 98122

Or use PayPal to make an online contribution:

Thank you!