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15 MAY 2015


  Seattle's Multi-ethnic Philanthropic Theatre - Celebrating Diversity & Great Theater for 22 Years

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Give more bang to your charitable buck! Your generous donations to ReAct will not only help us, but also the numerous other arts and humanitarian charities we in turn benefit. Please give whatever you can afford...every dollar adds up! THANK YOU!


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Your generosity is greatly appreciated...

Your donations are fully tax-deductible. Our Tax ID for "ReAct Theatre" is 46-4954740. Our old ID under "Repertory Actors Workshop" is no longer valid. Please have your Corporate Matching Gift Department contact us for updates.

You can also mail your gift and save us bank processing charges by sending your donation check to:

ReAct Theatre
Attn: Donations
1122 E Pike Street #1111
Seattle WA 98122

Or donate online with your debit or credit card securely through PayPal...

Or use your smartphone to donate directly using Square. ReAct's cashtag is $ReAct

Remember, your gift to ReAct keeps on giving. Donations help us continue to produce great theatre. This gives work to hundreds of artists and helps us entertain thousands, and our programming in turn supports other charities and non-profit organizations. Every dollar you can give is extremely helpful and greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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MRS. BOYLE: "Wait, I want to get another one. Don't move."

The wedding scene from ReAct's
Prelude to a Kiss. August 1995.
Photo: David Hsieh.

Won't you please donate to our 2015 Milestone Campaign?...If you're already GivenBIG this year, won't you please also GIVE AFTER to ReAct as well? We still have quite a ways to go to reach our Milestone Goals. If you're planning to donate, why not put forth your gift as a challenge for others to donate?

Our Amazing 2015 Milestone Donors To Date:

Aya Clark
Annette Toutonghi
Berenice Sullivan
Herb Tsuchiya
Henry Dang
Robert Falk
Kathy Hsieh
Mark Pribbenow
Dave Misner
Sarah Nash Gates
Larry & Suzi
Karen Maeda Allman
Lisa Every
Elizabeth Heath
Joey Ing
Kate Johnston
Susan Kunimatsu
Robert Pillitteri
Liz Rudolph
Bradetta Vines
Terrell Aldredge
Jason Choi
Stacey Hansen
Lloyd Herman
Mona Leach
Nancy Lee
Patrick Lennon
Pam Nolte
Bikas Saha
Laurie Sander
Steven Sterne
Lori Dirks
Meenakshi Rishi
Deborah Bangs
Nelson Chang
Kay Cook
Ellen Dessler
Karla Eskro
Ken Holmes
Victor Janusz
Catherine Kettrick
Doris Lock
J.C. Pankratz
Gordon Sata
Daniel Tarker
Zheng Wang
Suzanne Weisfield
Tony Sevigny
Jonathan Tong
Barry Faught
Ellen Granfield

Thanks for your support!