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3 MAR 2009


   Seattle's Multi-ethnic Philanthropic Theatre Company - Celebrating over 15 years of simply great theater

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Thanks for taking the time to create or update your ReAct artist page! We really appreciate your continued participation and support.


ReAct Artist/Crew Registration


ReAct Artists have the priviledge of maintaining a free "artist webpage" so that friends, family, producers, directors and associates have access to artist information online. If you are a ReAct artist, once your page is created, you'll be able to access and promote your page using your personal web address:

ReAct will create and maintain this page, but it is up to you to keep it accurate and current by...

  • Periodically returning here to update your bio, information, credits, etc... at least once a year.
  • Keeping ReAct informed of any future changes and projects you are working on.

To get started, simply fill out and submit the form below. If you have one, make sure ReAct has your current headshot or other images you wish to use.

Feel free to submit as much or as little information as you wish, but please include the items marked in red.

If you have digital files of your photos and want to help speed up this process, please email them to us. It's helpful if your digital files are:

  • at least 150 pixels wide, but not larger than 600 pixels tall
  • saved as jpegs with 150-300 dpi resolution. (72 dpi minimum)


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John Bianchi as Jack and Caroline Blakeslee as Gwendolen in ReAct's The Importance of Being Earnest. November 1995.
Photo: David Hsieh.

Updating or adding to your already created webpage?
Here are some tips...
To save typing after entering your name,... you need only submit data from areas you want updated. Your current page information will carry through so unless you want something changed, there's no need to retype.
If you want something deleted, simply type "remove..." in the corresponding field and be very specific about what you want us to delete from your current page.


Submission Form


Name/Stage Name:

Mark all positions that apply to you:

Stage Manager
Music Director
Set Designer
Lighting Designer
Costume Designer
Sound Designer
Graphic Artist
Other (please specify):

Base City:

Union Affliliations (if any):

Age or Age Range:



Hair Color:

Eye Color:

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Fluent Languages (other than English):

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Alternate Occupation:

List Other "Special" Skills:

List Other "Favorites"
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List Other Statistics
(education, past occupations, family and marital info, measurements, etc...):

Your Bio (Please note: Your ReAct credits will be automatically listed, so the focus here should be work with other companies and in other media, favorite shows, background, education, hobbies, interests, areas of expertise, achievements, aspirations, etc... ReAct will edit for style and grammar, but not for length.):

Your Contact Information (Please enter all of the following methods of contacting you, and mark the ones that you wish to make public on your webpage. ReAct will NOT post any information online you do not authorize us to, and for your security, we advise against making your home address or home phone number public to the world, but it is your choice. ReAct's general email address listed on each artist's page will forward any messages sent to you through the ReAct website.):

Home Street Address:

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Other (Specify):

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Other Helpful Information:
Do you have additional online digital images you would like ReAct post on your artist page in a "photo gallery"? If so, please note the web address link (URL) where the photo(s) can be copied from or linked to, caption information for each photo, as well as the photographer's name; or indicate which photos from ReAct's website you would like us to include:

Who is/are the photographer(s) of your image/photo(s)?


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