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10 DEC 2017


 Seattle's Multi-ethnic Philanthropic Theatre - Celebrating Diversity & Great Theater for 25 years

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If you are affiliated with another arts or charitable organization and would like to become a ReAct Beneficiary and partner with us to use our productions to help raise awareness or funds for your group, please contact us!


Our Mission


The ReAct Theatre strives to explore the diversity of our community and produce innovative, quality theatrical entertainment through multi-ethnic and non-traditional casting

Our primary goals are to:

  • Give theatre artists of all backgrounds and skill-levels the opportunity to work together on mainstream projects that they might not normally have access to due to race, sex, age, or experience.

  • Use our productions to help raise awareness, supplies and financial support for humanitarian and theatre-related charities and organizations.

  • Develop in the general public, an increased appreciation for the diversity of the dramatic and performing arts.

Our Value Statements are:

  • Diversity: Creating opportunities for underserved artists.

  • Community: Building and supporting a strong community of artists and patrons who participate in our work.

  • Sustainability: Sustaining our organization by growing our work.

  • Education: Developing programs to experience, participate and learn via the dramatic and performing arts.

  • Innovation: Actively engineering new ways to approach our productions, our organization and our audiences.

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ReAct's Staff


David Hsieh


David Hsieh
Managing Artistic Director

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ReAct Helps


Our Beneficiaries

Since 1993, ReAct has raised thousands of dollars for area charities and arts organizations, and countless cases of food and supplies for area foodbanks and shelters.

Our monetary beneficiaries have included:

Non-monetary support has also been donated to the following beneficiaries:

If your arts or non-profit organization would like to benefit from ReAct productions, please contact us today.

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HOST: "To all of us."

The final scene from ReAct's
The Dining Room. February 1994.
Photo: David Hsieh.

ReAct's Board of Directors

Rachel Rene Araucto
Deniece Bleha
Ellen Dessler
David Hsieh
Mike Kulawiak
Edward Tonai

ReAct's Advisory Board

Lorna Chin
Brandon Chun
Angela DiMarco
Audrey Fan
Emjoy Gavino
Kathy Hsieh
Gigi Jhong
Crystal Dawn Munkers
Joseph S. Yang
Chay Yew

ReAct's Board Emeritus

Colleen Burke-Moen
Heidi Card
George Paul Glanzman
Marilyn Gonzalez
Agastya Kohli
T.J. Langley
Janet E. Lee
Cyndie Mastel-Rokicki
Lisa Marie Nakamura
Colleen Parker
Toni Rose
Craig Schieber
Barry L. Snarr
Jason Stearns
Roger Tang
Gail Wamba
Leslie Jean Warner

ReAct seeks "energetic, hardworking, fun-loving and talented individuals with connections" to join the ReAct team. If you have legal, fundraising, marketing, grantwriting, accounting, and/or organizational skills, and would be interested in helping out and serving on our "working" board, or on one of our committees, please contact us.